Things Right Now

I’ve been reading the “Be Inspired” notes each day. Always good ideas! Today I am trying it out…but I’m just using the title Things Right Now, leaving out the 10 because I am not really sure how many I will end up with. Another slicer had 5, so I think it’s the writing, not the number, that is important…

1. I slept in LATE this morning. I only woke up when the phone rang and my mother said, “I never dreamed you’d still be sleeping.”
2. My daughter, home from college for Spring Break, slept later than I did. We went out for “brunch” but it was so late we both ended up with lunch. I paid with a gift card I got from my “Secret Valentine” at school.
3. We went to visit my mom after lunch. My daughter’s car was parked there (long story involving several hundred dollars of repairs on my car…). It had been stranded there during all of our snow this winter, but it was finally thawed out. She had to take it to get the tires aired up, though.
4. I went to the grocery to do my mom’s weekly shopping. This is new…don’t know yet if it will be temporary, or a new normal.
5. I lightened the mood of #4 by shopping for some fun stuff. Bought things to fill Easter “bags” for my daughter and her boyfriend. What college students don’t love a stash of candy to take back to the dorm? Are your kids ever too old to sometimes treat as kids? I found an adorable bunny for each of them, too. And I found a couple of bright colored spring sweaters for my daughter.
6. I was surprised my mom wanted me to put the groceries away, too. But as I was putting cans in the pantry, she started arranging fruit in the basket she keeps on the kitchen counter. She had a pot of spaghetti sauce for tomorrow’s dinner simmering, too. She says it smells like a particularly good batch. She has never made this sauce from a strict recipe, so it is ever so slightly different every time. Always delicious, but as she says, sometimes especially so.
7. Stopped by Jimmy John’s on the way home for sandwiches for supper. Just had to get a pickle, too. My daughter just doesn’t “get” it, though. She likes sweet pickles.
8. I’ve been reading and commenting, finding lots of inspiration for slices the rest of this month. It is amazing the way we can continue to find ideas week after week, year after year. It is amazing how much writing comes to mean, how much it is a necessary part of life.
9. Listening to “The Closer” on television while I type- one of my favorite shows. My cat keeps rubbing my arm. I know he is just moments away from rubbing on the side of the laptop screen, something he always does when I use the laptop. We have argued over it many times! I guess he just wants to be like Pooh Hodges, The Cat Who Writes, and have his own blog! (yep, he’s at it now.)
10. The book on my coffee table has caught my eye. It is Kate DiCamillo’s Newberry winning Flora and Ulysses– the signed copy my good friend made her husband stand in line to get for me (only one copy per customer allowed at the book signing). It is calling out to me for a second reading. It probably will win me over, if I can tear myself away from reading and commenting on slices before bedtime- has to be earlier tonight, because I don’t have time for sleeping in again tomorrow. Looking forward to Sunday morning at church!

Hey! I made it to 10!

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6 Responses to Things Right Now

  1. arjeha says:

    Congratulations on making 10. Here I thought I was the only one who had a cat that likes to help out when I am working on my laptop.

  2. It sounds like a great day. I bet the sauce will be great and I’m glad you are close enough to help your Mom. Another thing you can never go wrong with candy!

  3. mgminer says:

    Thank you for #8. I am learning so much about writing and myself as I participate in this challenge. I love the ideas, creativity, and honesty of writers in this community.

  4. Love your 10 thoughts, amused that you didn’t mention 10, but you still made it. College kids love chocolate!

  5. debbussewitz says:

    Love this post. I read the suggestion and thought it was a good one. Now I know it is.

  6. So many snippets of time here could become a new slice in and of itself. How about “the New Normal”?

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