Coffee Mugs on my Desk

I have two coffee mugs on my desk at the moment. They really couldn’t be more different. One is from my sister. It has a leopard pattern background, and that design goes down the handle, too. On it, there is a curvy woman with big red hair, big shades, and red lipstick (about as opposite of me as you could find!). It says “I could have been anything… but I’m already FABULOUS!” I need those words some days! It makes me smile when I use it.

The other mug is tall, narrower at the bottom than the top. My sister’s brother-in-law got us both a mug while he was here visiting. It was a surprise. He said he just saw them in the shop window with a “sale” sign and bought them on impulse. Mine is covered with painted peacock feathers. They look like curious eyes watching me- reminds me of my students who are always watching me. I need to think of that so I am aware of being a good example to them. My favorite eye on the cup is one that is partially hidden by the fronds of a feather, like the shy student who wants you to see her (or him), but is too shy to draw attention to herself. I love the colors on this mug- dark blue, light blue, light green and a rust color. The dark blue handle has a unique shape. Overall, it just has a pleasing appearance, and I enjoy using it.

I like thinking of who has given a thing to me, especially when it is something I use often. I like having things that make me smile, and things that are both useful and beautiful. Do you have an everyday object that makes you smile when you use it, or a thing that you enjoy both for its function and its beauty?

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6 Responses to Coffee Mugs on my Desk

  1. arjeha says:

    It is amazing the memories an object can evoke. I have a fisherman’s knit sweater that my aunt made. She loved to knit and the more intricate the pattern, the more she liked it. Now that she is gone I think of her each time I wear the sweater.

  2. alwriting says:

    Your writing underlines the importance of being able to celebrate those things right in front of us. Things seemingly invisible to everyone else, find themselves trapped by the writer’s eye. Great observation. Writers are watchers…

  3. I have many coffee cups and mugs that bring me pleasure. Most were gifts and I, like you, think about who gave them to me as I choose which one to use. Some I bought as souvenirs of places I visited, usually art museums. I love coffee so I am always using them. Thanks for remininding me that inspiration is right in front of our eyes!

  4. Jaana says:

    I love my coffee mugs as well! Each of them is unique. Most of them are gifts from friends. SO when I use one, it reminds me of its giver!

  5. Colleen says:

    I love how you took two very similar everyday items and turned them into two very different and amazing things. This would be a fantastic lesson to share with my sixth grade writers!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Because of your careful descriptions I can see both of those mugs now. I have a favorite mug I use daily – just the right size. Thoughtful gifts from friends and family make for special treasures. I have some framed pictures like that – chosen just for me by someone who knows me well.

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