Aimed or Aimless?

At dismissal time, the school secretary made an announcement for staff to check their email for an important message. That never sounds like good news. Checking the message, I read that one of the classroom windows, on my side of the building, had been hit by a BB gun. School police had been called. Dismissal would proceed, but the buses would be in a slightly different location than usual, and everyone was asked to proceed with caution. Teachers were encouraged to get students onto the buses as quickly as possible. I heard teachers taking different approaches to this. One was telling students their change in routine was no big deal. Peppered with questions, she just kept repeating that it was not a big deal, and they would talk about it tomorrow. Hurry, hurry, hurry was the thing I overheard most. One teacher took a more direct approach and told the students someone was playing with a BB gun irresponsibly, again (this was the second incident this month- the first occurred on a weekend when no one was in the building and discovered when the teacher was getting things ready on a Monday morning).

After school, we learned that it had happened during “specials” time when everyone was out of the classroom. Looking at the evidence was a little spooky. A tiny hole was visible in the shades at two windows. When the shades were lifted, the holes in the windows were bigger. The classroom teacher was joking, “Look at it, I’m telling you somebody is out to get me!” One of the holes was right in line with her chair at her computer workstation. And she has been dealing with an unhappy parent recently! She was the teacher telling her students it was no big deal. She said her husband has “already been making noise” about her trying to find a job outside of our urban district. She said, “I’m not even telling him about this!” But of course she will. She is the mom of a 9 month old, expecting her second child. She is not a timid person… but will she start having worries? Will she become one of the statistics? A good teacher who exits the profession early?

Is someone really taking aim at our school? Or is someone entertaining him or her self with aimlessly shooting a BB gun? Either way, it is not a happy thought, since our school is in the line of fire until someone figures out the answer.

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8 Responses to Aimed or Aimless?

  1. This is worrisome to be sure! 😦 Thankfully we have a place to bring all these fears (to God in prayer) and to have assurance of His peace. I am joining in.

  2. marc-aureled says:

    The title of this post so accurately reflects the possibilities of the person behind these shootings. I hope they are caught so you can all feel safe again!

  3. elsie says:

    It is so sad when incidents like this happen. You just want to ask why? It makes no sense.

  4. Jaana says:

    Hoping that you will find the guilty party very quickly! Working in an inner city school, you do not need extra stress and worry. Praying for a quick solution.

  5. Colleen says:

    What a horrible situation? I’m very thankful that students were not present when this occurred. I’m also extremely thankful that the teacher wasn’t hurt, at least not physically. I applaud teachers who are brave and courageous enough to teach in our urban districts. Your students are beyond blessed to have such dedicated and caring teachers.

  6. arjeha says:

    Hopefully whoever is doing this will be caught quickly and dealt with appropriately. I can ‘t imagine teaching in such a situation. I could not teach in an urban district. Bless you and all who do.

  7. Delighted says:

    There is so much craziness going on out there in the world. Hope they find the person that is causing such havoc and destruction at your school.

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