Spring Snow

A fat robin sits on a high branch as
Heavy flakes of snow fall straight down
Melting away wherever they touch
The bird flies off, seeking warm shelter

The snow keeps dropping and begins
Sticking along the crests of the rooftops
Then gradually spreading down the roofs
And collecting on the tops of fences

Snow frosts the ground but rain mixes in
And there is less and less falling until
Suddenly it stops and all melts away

The fat robin returns to the tree

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4 Responses to Spring Snow

  1. travelinma says:

    This stuff is coming our way too. It is hard not to be preoccupied by the extended wintery weather. It was near 50 today. I ripped the wool socks and boots off my feet and put on flip flops. I drove with my car window opened. I was cold. I didn’t care. It is called desperate measures to coax spring out of hiding.

  2. ccahill2013 says:

    I love this!!! I want to see more of those fat robins!! I’m glad he came back at the end of your poem!

  3. makablaze says:

    Nice. I tried a similar thing, some lines about spring, but yours are much better. I like how you tie it together with the robin. Great visual description of this quiet, beautiful scene.

  4. Great poem! Love the image of the fat robin.

    Spring is coming (despite the appearance the snow is giving us)! I saw two blue jays yesterday.

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