It is just ordinary to see a bird in the trees as you are driving down the road. You only have a few seconds, though, to notice the extraordinary. A brilliant flash of red catches your eye.

“Cardinal!” your brain screeches.

“Nothing so unusual about that,” you think, “after all, it’s the state bird.”

But you are a writer, so you notice how the bird’s wings are pinned back, and the way the cardinal streaks through the air like a torpedo seeking its target.

“See?!” your brain shouts, “Extraordinary!!”

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6 Responses to Extraordinary/Ordinary

  1. arjeha says:

    Glad you can see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

  2. Your brain screeches too?!?! I really like this illustration of how a writer thinks vs. everyone else.

  3. travelinma says:

    I love the writer brain! Thanks so much for this post. It reminds me of my post today….trying to take notice and recording those blessings.

  4. Amy Boyden says:

    :))) this was fun! I love the idea of ordinary > extraordinary

  5. mgminer says:

    There was a cardinal outside my classroom window today. Its signature call/song was so persistent, I had to stop my work and stare. Then I smiled. Noticing is so fun.

  6. Ramona says:

    We definitely notice more when we live life as a writer! I’m blessed that I’ve been led to notice more because I write more.

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