Fun Afternoon

I stepped into a third grade class, and the classroom teacher asked the students to get out their yellow writing folders. I held up my hand in a stopping motion. “We’re going to the computer lab to write today,” I announced with a flourish.

Smiles broke out, and they practically cheered. It took a few minutes and a fair amount of teacher and peer assistance to get all the passwords typed in and everyone connected. We logged on to student interactive “Theme Poetry.” Then the fun really began. Some kids had to have a teacher help them with spelling while others typed blithely away, oblivious to faulty spelling. Some teamed up with a friend, and both chose the same theme and then collaborated. Others were fiercely independent, guarding their words so no one would copy. Some wanted approval for every line they wrote. Others were content in their process and just kept writing until they completed their poems. It was fascinating to watch writers at work!

We don’t have a printer in our computer lab, so the students emailed their poems to me to print. So tomorrow we will have another fun time when they all get their published poems!

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One Response to Fun Afternoon

  1. elsie says:

    Watching the engagement and learning is the best. What fun when they can read each other’s poems and comment.

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