The tears come, sometimes several times a day, sometimes just once. Sometimes they swoop in unexpectedly, brought on by a random word heard or scent in the air or sight seen. Sometimes they are anticipated, the expected result of tackling certain tasks or facing a now-changed routine. Sometimes they burst out after the fleeting thought of picking up the phone to share a little slice of life is met by the reality- no one is there to answer the phone.

Sometimes the tears are unwanted, resisted, yet every time, they are healing. Every time they offer some comfort.  Every time, the tears give way to a smile as good memories come.

I miss you, Mom.

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9 Responses to Tears

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, and missing your mom so very much. My mother’s been gone a long while, & I still miss our phone talks. Since we were so far apart, they had become important to us both. Hugs to you today!

  2. Jaana says:

    Thinking of you. We teared with Annika a few times as we talked about lost parents or miscarried babies. Grief is essential and tears are healing.

  3. Wilcox Carol says:

    So sorry for your loss. My dad died twenty years ago and I still miss him like crazy. I think you just sort of get used to the ache always being there. Praying for comfort.

    “When someone you love dies, you get a big bowl of sadness put down in front of you, steaming hot. You can start eating now, or you can let it cool and eat it bit by bit later one. Either way, you end up eating the whole thing. There’s really no way around it.”

    ― Ralph Fletcher, Fig Pudding

  4. elsie says:

    Tears are healing, I do understand. My heart goes out to you as you mourn the loss of your mother.

  5. Donna Smith says:

    I can still tear up knowing I can’t share things with my mother and father. That feeling of needing to speak with them about something never goes away it seems. Crying is good, especially when followed by smiles of remembrance. Hugs!

  6. arjeha says:

    It is hard when someone who has been there your entire life is no longer there. Although we miss them terribly, we have the wonderful memories to get us through. Thoughts are with you.

  7. jhaworthoy says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. My mother died four years ago at the age of 90. Just today, while driving back from New Mexico….I wanted to phone her and tell her how things were going….and yes, realized that there was no one to answer the phone. I am so glad she was able to live with me the last 12 years of her life….but what a void there is now. I am glad you are able to cry…and to write about this. It does not make things easier…but it makes things real…and brings out the memories and the love.

  8. Peg D says:

    I understand. It’s only been 3 months yesterday and every now and then think of something to tell my mom when I call her on Sunday only to realize she isn’t there any more. I am already planning on taking March 23, 2015 off from school. ISTEP or not. You expect first holidays and special occasions to be hard but the first anniversary of my dad’s death was the worst. I’m staying home this time. Prayers for healing.

  9. It is a hard path walking through grief and tears are part of it. Thank you for this honest sharing from your heart. Praying for you and sending hugs.

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