Fortune Cookies

My sister said, “Let me take you to a new Chinese place.”

We turned into the parking lot of Walmart and the adjoining strip mall. I expected the usual hole-in-the-wall kind of place with a buffet. Not here, though. China Bistro instead is elegant inside. The décor is black, red, and gold. The dining room divided into sections by walls with lighted shelves displaying vases and artifacts. The menu has plentiful selections. The atmosphere is quiet with music playing softly in the background. The waitresses are polite and attentive. (And the restroom is immaculate.)

We enjoyed egg rolls as an appetizer. Just the right crispiness on the outside and steamy hot inside. Our entrees were Cashew Chicken and Pineapple Chicken (the special was any chicken dish, $7.95!- give us a break for the lack of variety). The Cashew Chicken was salty (not too much) and flavorful. The pineapple chicken was sweet (just right). They were served with steamed rice, the sticky kind…really, nothing can compare to rice that is cooked perfectly.

The waitress brought our fortune cookies as we were slowing down (we couldn’t eat everything, we each had a nice takeout box for the next day’s lunch). My sister cracked open her cookie, pulled the slip of paper out, and burst out, “Really!? That’s my fortune?”

“What?” I laughed. I am usually the queen of lame fortune cookies. I almost always get advice instead of a fortune.

“I am so glad to get out of that cookie,” she read, deadpan. “Really!?” she repeated.

Cackling, I opened mine. “A refreshing change is in your future.”

How about that?!

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8 Responses to Fortune Cookies

  1. I like what your sister’s fortune cookie said. I am always delighted by humor. I think you could use a refreshing change after some challenging days. Spending time with my sister always refreshes me.

    • newtreemom says:

      I thought it was funny, too. Maybe she will eventually… she was just hoping for something else last night. And I am hoping for some refreshing! The day with my sister (we had taken her grandson to the movie “Heaven is for Real” in the afternoon- another story) was a good start.

  2. Jaana says:

    I love these real and funny moments in every day life–a real slice of life moments! Fortune cookie sayings would make a great post for March Challenge….something to think about.

  3. elsie says:

    Love finding a new Asian restaurant! A refreshing change, now that’s an interesting thought. Wonder what makes a change refreshing?

  4. Terje says:

    Your opening sentence promised good time. You painted the slice carefully with fine details. I couldn’t wait to hear what the slip in the cookie said. Funny.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    Great new restaurant and intriguing fortune cookie – a win win situation.

  6. margaretsmn says:

    I had to laugh at the comment about the bathroom. The bathroom is so important to me that I have stopped going to a local restaurant until they update theirs. I think it says something about a place when it’s clean and everything works. Not to mention fresh flowers and a nice scent, but we shouldn’t expect too much.

  7. LauraM. says:

    There is something great about finding a place with good Chinese food and then sharing it with friends (or sisters). I’m with you on your feelings about a perfectly-cooked bowl of rice! 🙂

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