Lifelong Readers

I went to the library this morning to return some books. I almost didn’t go. The books were due today. I tried to renew online, but one of the books could not be renewed. I considered putting the trip off, since the fine for one book wouldn’t be much. Then it occurred to me that someone else must be waiting for that book. So I decided I would just run by the library and put the books in the drop box.

I got to the library and almost just slid the books into the drop box, but I went inside instead. I’m glad I did, or I would have missed it. I walked to the desk and spoke to the librarian to let her know about the book I couldn’t renew. As I turned to go, I saw it. The hope that motivates us as teachers.

A white-haired man pushed the button that automatically opens the door. He took slow, mincing- but determined and intentional steps into the library. His wife followed close behind. His progress was painfully slow, but he walked straight to the shelves that hold the large-print books. Once he was there, his wife left him on his own and he was just another reader, looking for a book.

Yet he seemed so much more to me. He is exactly what we hope our students will become- a lifelong reader. A reader who wants a book badly enough to get to the library even when it isn’t easy. So when I am back at school (in less than a month!) and my students are before me, I will close my eyes for just a moment and picture them older, much older- walking into the library.

And this morning, I didn’t rush out of the library as I had intended (after all, I always have something to read on my Kindle)- I took my time and walked out with a new stack of books.

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5 Responses to Lifelong Readers

  1. A moment to cherish and heartwarming. I love the library. What a great connection to your students. (I will have new first graders within the month, too:)

  2. Ramona says:

    So glad you went in so that you were able to savor this moment and share it with us. I thought it was going to be seeing a student in the library, but I love how you mentioned that this was the reader you hoped your students would become.

  3. loraleebain says:

    Thank you for capturing this moment and sharing it. Loved it.

  4. Wilcox Carol says:

    I love this story! I don’t think very often about that end of the lifelong reading spectrum. This is a beautiful snapshot!

  5. That’s certainly what we want for our kids!

    Lovely moment you captured with your writing.

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