Random Recent Events and Thoughts

Here are a few things that have been going on lately- couldn’t seem to decide what to write today, so I thought I would just do a list and see what popped up.

1. I didn’t want to see it, but today I saw the realtor’s sign in the yard at my mom’s house. All summer and into the fall, my sisters, brothers, and sisters-in-law worked to get the house ready. So many tears shed, so much laughter shared, so many memories sorted through…and now there’s a sign in the yard…

2. My baby will celebrate her 21st birthday in 10 days. I cannot believe it yet.

3. That same baby planned a surprise birthday dinner for me. She gave me a bouquet of roses. My month-old nephew was there, his first public outing. My brothers and sisters-in-law weren’t there, except for the selfies they sent showing them at the restaurant the night before- which to give them credit, was my actual birthday.

4. It’s Fall Break! Two weeks!

5. There was a morning rainbow, but I missed seeing it except in pictures on the news. This evening the weather forecaster announced there will be a blood moon visible early tomorrow morning. I won’t miss that.

6. My brother spent hours on Saturday installing a new disposal under my kitchen sink and replacing the ruined flooring where the old one had leaked. We went to lunch together. I loved that time together.

7. I opened windows to let the fresh fall air in, and our two cats jumped up into the window to enjoy it, batting at the tree leaves rustling in the breeze just out of their reach.

8. My sister and I went to the movie The Good Lie. What a powerful story!

9. Someone made a jealous remark. It hurts deeply.

10. Someone shared tears. Very unexpectedly. It was a holy moment. I was honored to be so trusted.

11. My sister is moving next week. I’ll be there for her.

12. Did I mention it’s Fall Break? Two weeks! Thank goodness!

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3 Responses to Random Recent Events and Thoughts

  1. Enjoy your Fall break (wonderful that it is TWO weeks:)! So much life in your list. I see how family has your heart which is a lovely thing.

  2. Beth says:

    I love the way you worded nine and ten. Enjoy your break!

  3. Terje says:

    Sometimes it is important to list what’s on our mind. It helps to sot and clarify ideas and emotions. I wish you a fabulous fall break! Two weeks!
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog post about cultural identity. I love hearing different perspectives. The questions fuel my thinking.

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