Do You Know?

It’s a brief, simple statement followed by a question. “It is 11 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?” A police officer says it, looking directly into the camera.

It is a tradition recently revived in our city. I remember hearing it when I was in high school, but it was just a voice then. Something about seeing a different officer each evening, repeating this same statement and question feels important. My children are adults now, but I think of my elementary students and their middle school and high school siblings. I hope their parents are hearing the message and taking it to heart. There is too much violence and loss in our city. Too much crime that hurts our youth.

This public service announcement, in the face of it all, may be a small action. I hope it is big enough to save a child, a family.

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4 Responses to Do You Know?

  1. Ramona says:

    I remember this too, only in our community it was recited at 10:00 p.m. It’s great to feature different officers each evening, it puts a face to our men and women in uniform who protect us in so many ways.

  2. franmcveigh says:

    I like the fact that this message is a reminder of roles: parents and police have the safety of our children in mind and are working together! (Doesn’t mean the children will all be jumping up and down with joy!) šŸ™‚

  3. Lynn says:

    I too remember the announcement….although I have not heard it for many years! I think more so now reminders are needed than ever before! And yes we have been to Sandia Peak and yes it is awesome!!

  4. Such a true worry for parents. We need to always be on guard for the safety of our children. This cuts right to the heart of the matter. Thanks for sharing.

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