Comfort Food

Are there foods that take you back in time, that offer comfort through memories of great times with special people as much as the comfort of familiar, favorite foods when you are hungry?

This evening when I left school a little late, my stomach was rumbling and I gave in and stopped at City Barbecue for beef brisket and corn pudding. Yum! The delicious smells floating through the air and the decor hinting of places to the south had me thinking of long-ago days and my first experience with true Southern BBQ…

I was a newlywed and my husband and I were visiting my in-laws, the aunt and uncle who raised him, in Augusta, Georgia. Aunt Pauline wanted us to have a special treat so she talked Uncle Hayward into a trip to Sconyers. To my Yankee ears, it sounded like “Scawnyas.” My culinary experience of barbecue was pretty much limited to the chicken my mom would parboil and my dad would then cook on a grill in the yard, brushing on bottled barbecue sauce. Imagine my surprise shock when I was served a plate of pulled pork, hash, and cole slaw at a table with white bread still in the plastic wrapper and a roll of paper towels in the middle. The meat had not one drop of sauce of any kind on it! Of course, there was an assortment of sauces on the table to choose from. I came to relish that Southern delicacy! I remember so fondly now how Aunt Pauline (who I was convinced didn’t approve of or like me at all) was reaching out with love and welcome, and so was Uncle Hayward in his gruff, quiet way. At the same time, they were helping me get to know my beloved and his Southern roots. And now, with all three of them in their heavenly home, I have memories that make me smile.

I looked it up on the internet tonight, and there were pictures of the familiar (we later lived in Augusta and I drove by or pulled in many times) sign, sprawling restaurant and menu items…

SconyersSconyers 2Sconyers 3

And, clicking on the website, I heard their unique version of “Dixie.” Ah, comfort food! Oh, sweet memories!

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4 Responses to Comfort Food

  1. arjeha says:

    Homemade baked bread freshly taken from the oven of my grandmother’ coal stove. The house smelled so good and there was nothing to compare to the taste—especially as Lily when that slice of bread was still warm and slathered in butter.

  2. How nice that you gave yourself a dinner treat and then gave us a glimpse into what made it so special. I delighted in going to the website of Sconyers and imagining your first visit! (Thank you for your kind and comforting words on my SOLS…so beautifully stated!)

  3. Dana Murphy says:

    What a delightful Slice! I can just imagine you, young and nervous, not knowing how to react to the ‘foreign food.’ It does sound like comfort food – and that website reminds me of the place next to our district office – Hog Wild. YUUUUUMMMMMMYY.

  4. Lisa Keeler says:

    I could so relate to both your opening lines and your description of your shock when you first experienced southern barbecue. I had a similar experience. Fun slice to read. Thanks for sharing.

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