Hello, Moon

The sky was overcast,
Dark gray-
Night lingering,
Day on its way,
When the moon
Came along to play
Hide and seek with me,
Peeking out from behind
A curtain of clouds.

First appeared
A lopsided grin
Along the edge,
Then bit by bit
The full circle
Slipped out-
And hung suspended,
An ivory pendant,
Softly glowing.

Back behind the
Clouds once more,
Slivers of light
Beaming through.
A plane flew by
And I wondered,
Did the pilot
Feel near enough
To reach out and
Touch the moon?

Then the full moon
Shone briefly again
Before dashing
Behind the cityscape-
have a good day!

Thank you, moon,
For the game
At the start
Of the day
To get me
To smile
And play!

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7 Responses to Hello, Moon

  1. imanlilysaad says:

    Well I smiled while reading your poem. It’s so soothing! Love it!

  2. Lynn says:

    Awesome poem…I felt like I was in the car with you…just awesome!

  3. arjeha says:

    “Lopsided grin…an ivory pendant…” love these images. A full moon does turn night into day.

  4. Jaana says:

    It is wonderful to think that the same moon follows us all!

  5. Great poem! As much as I dislike driving to work in the dark, there are times when the moon and stars are out that it is just so relaxing that I wish it would take me longer.

  6. How lovely and a refreshing way to filter the start of your day. Smile and play!

  7. pictured your journey and traveled right alongside of you…pretty special to be able to do that with words ! xo

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