In Like a Lion?

March came in like a lion
with a snowstorm on the first

At least to the cat, who through
a peephole in the blinds on
the patio door, stalks the
falling snowflakes, leaping
up against the glass to
try and catch one.

March came in like a lion
with a snowstorm on the first

And yet as I step outdoors
the ground is covered with a
soft, brilliantly white blanket,
and all is perfectly, peacefully quiet.

March came in like a lion
with a snowstorm on the first

So I begin clearing the snow,
half a foot deep,
the scraping of my shovel
the roar of attack
and the piled up snow
the fallen prey.

March came in like a lion
with a snowstorm on the first

But a fat red robin sits
serenely on a snowy branch
and a scarlet and black bird
high in a tree joyfully chirps
and sings, and the evergreens,
flocked with white, are as glorious as
festive Christmas trees.

March came in like a lion
with a snowstorm on the first

And as I watch fluffy flakes
drift through the air,
cozy with cup of cocoa
and a good book, I am
content in knowing

March came in like a lion…
it will go out like a lamb.

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14 Responses to In Like a Lion?

  1. arjeha says:

    I am so waiting for that lamb. We are getting more snow here, but I haven’t been out to shovel. Maybe later. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe I will just wait til it melts.

  2. Welcome to the Slice of Life month-long challenge! Your poem was perfect. I sit here looking out the window at huge flakes falling from the sky. We have already shoveled once this morning. Looks like an all day event. Your poem made the day a little easier to take! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This paints a beautiful snuggly picture. I would love to be there with you drinking hot chocolate. I love when the flakes are enormous. xo

  4. mayawoodall says:

    I love the images and contrasts and shifts.

  5. Jaana says:

    I love snow and winter. But even I feel like this winter came like a lion! Perhaps it will not stay much longer!

  6. travelinma says:

    Lovely images. I live this the Northeast….these are all so familiar.

  7. rissable says:

    For me, this snowstorm on the first makes me cranky. But for you, poetic. The beauty of writing.

  8. elsie says:

    The lion roared through our neighborhood too, but perhaps he won’t stay nearly as long at the previous snow. You have created beautiful images, loved the description of the birds.

  9. mgminer says:

    I loved your poem – especially the use of repetition. I was also happy to see your blog as a familiar friend from last year’s SOL Challenge. Thank you!

  10. Susanne says:

    March came in like a lion in Kentucky too- freezing rain and slushy.

  11. I always shared the lion and lamb story with my students and I love the way you described this lion so well – with hope of the lamb to come. Also love your repeating lines!

  12. Beautiful repetition and use of the lion and the lamb saying! That roaring lion didn’t bother you though just reminded you of Spring to come!

  13. Donna Smith says:

    Nice poem of hope! We’ve had two months of lions…can’t we have the lamb yet?

  14. jhaworthoy says:

    Lovely words that paint a beautiful picture. I, too, went out with my shovel…it is so much quieter than a snow blower…but do admit that later in the afternoon my husband used the snow blower. My kitties, too, watched the snow and did some of their own chirping at the birds. Yes, March came in like a lion…and even though I love winter…I hope it goes out like a lamb.

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