Minor Mysteries

A couple of days ago a fellow slicer wrote about a noise in the house. I, along with several other readers, thought it was going to be the smoke alarm sending out a warning beep that the battery was low. It wasn’t, but it seems like an odd coincidence that last night as I headed into the bedroom, something caught my eye, and I glanced up to see the smoke alarm dangling by its wires from the ceiling. Now how did that happen? The ceiling is steep in that room. When I change the battery in the smoke alarm, I have to drag a dining room chair in there to stand on. I still can barely reach it. So really, how did that happen. It’s a mystery to me!

Nobody was home all day except the cats. One of them is quite a jumper, but I can’t imagine any way he could have jumped up there, even if he got on the chest first. The distance is too far. It would be a long free fall back down to the floor. And how hard would he have to bat at the smoke alarm to make the cover come off? Could it really have been the cat? Or did it just get loose over time?

Have any mysteries happened in your house like this? Crazy, weird things with no apparent explanation?

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10 Responses to Minor Mysteries

  1. As I read your post I was envisioning the cat free falling from its leap to the smoke detector. My husband I have been hearing lots of noises at night when we are alone. His explanation is it may be the new aluminum gutters that are expanding & are making noise from the ice on the roof. I’m good with that explanation.

  2. Adrienne says:

    It is strange, isn’t it, that these sorts of things can happen. My mind never goes to the logical answer first, either. I always start with the fanciful and end up at the most logical conclusion. Maybe that’s how make myself feel better about it.

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    I am sure there is a logical reason why the alarm was like that, but it would drive me crazy until I knew for sure. Good luck solving this minor mystery.

  4. All the time. It is great to have critters at least to try to piece together an explanation. Since I live alone, once I even called my local police because when I came home my dog’s dish was in a weird place she had never dragged it before. They sent an officer who checked my whole house and did not roll his eyes once at me! Nothing was found but I found that is part of their job which they routinely do. I haven’t called since but was reassured it is not a crazy thing to ask. 🙂

  5. arjeha says:

    Forget logic. This is the first manifestation of a haunting. Document it and everything else that happens. Write a best selling book about your experience. Sell the movie rights. Write the screenplay…..Ok, time for my medication.

  6. raeily says:

    I always seem to find mysterious and creepy things happening wherever Iive. Husband says it’s my over active imagination. I guess that’s where my daughter got it from. She randomlypoints behind me sayin “Monsta” and sometimes crying til I get her outof the room. Ha!

    But you should write a horror novel based on that.

  7. lynnjake says:

    It’s odd when things like that happen. I used to have brass bells hanging on my front door so I could hear when anyone came in. Sometimes they would ring when I was completely alone in the house. Weird. But they scratched the paint on the door so I took them down. Better not to know that someone I can’t see is coming and going, I decided!

  8. It probably just jarred loose for some reason. Usually I have to spend more time fixing the problem than solving the mystery. But recently there was a loud buzzing noise in our kitchen. We couldn’t locate the source, but thought it was a ceiling light getting ready to go out. Turns out it was the last dying breath of an old phone I had thrown away in the kitchen trash can. Who knew??

  9. Mysteries challenge us. They upset the patterns of our lives, our patterns of thinking are derailed. Smoke alarms are mostly silent companions but when they intrude into our lives it is usually a dramatic turn of events. Good luck with unraveling this latest ponderable event. But don’t be too alarmed…

  10. blkdrama says:

    Hmmm. mystery. I can’t imagine but cats are mysterious too. Will they talk to you?

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