Mom’s Things

My house is full of things I brought home from my mom’s house. My sisters and brothers have things, too, and the grandchildren. But I am the oldest. Maybe that explains why I have so much more than the rest. We sorted through things and sent some to friends and relatives, and some to Goodwill. But there were so many things I could not part with. I am not talking family heirlooms, though we do each have a few special keepsakes. But I am talking about just ordinary things. Things she used every day. Things I could remember that she had for a long time.

As we went through the process of cleaning out the house and getting it ready to be sold, it seemed like there was always someone saying, “Remember they are just things. We’re saving the special things. We have good memories.” That’s true. I know it’s true. Still, there were so many things I could not part with. Now they are crammed into my cabinets and closets and stacked in my garage.

I guess it is just that so many of these things have stories. I need to get the stories written down, I think, before I can sort out the rest of what I will eventually let go. Then the stories will always be there for things that are gone. And stories will be there with the things I keep for that someday when my children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews are going through my house.

So I am starting with something small…

Mom's Bowls

This is a set of plastic bowls that Mom used when she was cooking and baking. They are perfect for mixing batter, with the handle to hold on to them while you stir with a wooden spoon. They have a ring on the bottom that will hold them in place on the counter if you are using the mixer. The spout works great for pouring pancake batter onto a griddle.

But here’s the thing I remember most. Whenever we were watching TV or a movie and wanted a snack, Mom would pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave and divide it into two of the bowls- one for her and one for me. And she always gave me the bigger bowl.

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8 Responses to Mom’s Things

  1. What a beautiful piece!!! It’s the simple things that keep our mother’s alive in our daily actions!

  2. anita says:

    I love that your are honoring the memories with stories that speak to the future and yet hold onto the past.

  3. mgminer says:

    Hello friend, Here I am again resonating with your writing. I’m the youngest child, but I ended up being the keeper of stuff–my sister keeps “bragging” that she has almost all of mom’s stuff out of her house. It makes me so sad. We also had the “it’s just stuff” conversations. It’s been 6 years now, but it’s still hard to let go.
    Thank you for writing.

  4. marc-aureled says:

    It is so hard to part with “things” when they hold memories but keeping them around can continue the traditions and keep memories alive. That is why I have a box of my grandmother’s knitting needles in my basement… I feel connected to her when I look through the box for needles for a project.

  5. arjeha says:

    It is so hard to part with things that evoke special memories. I have a crock of my grandmother’s. She USD this whenever she made pickles. I remember it sitting on the floor behind the coal heater in the living room. Those pickles were delicious. No way I can get rid of that crock.

  6. Jaana says:

    I still have my mother’s bathrobe that I use every morning from fall to spring. It just makes me feel close to her! Perhaps I will give it away from it falls apart, but hopefully that is still years in the future! Take your time. Write the stories first!

  7. Great to let her things tell their stories! They connect you to her and to the future. The bowls have a nice story of practical use and sharing that I am glad you shared.

  8. Leigh Anne says:

    These are not just “things,” they are stories, they are memories. And I thank you for sharing one.

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