Future Horror Fiction Writer?

She is the tiniest, cutest, most innocent third grader in our school. She is very intelligent, qualifies for the gifted and talented program. She is a voracious reader, according to her classroom teacher. Her behavior is outstanding. She comes from a very religious family. We know this because of the little-known biblical names she and her brother bear, and the several times a year absences of two or three days to attend retreats. And she is, apparently, a budding writer of horror fiction!

The class had written stories starting with the premise that a girl or boy found something unusual that made strange things start happening. In her story a girl finds a bracelet that starts glowing and then flies onto her wrist as the girl polishes it. Shockingly, the girl in the story is turned into a monster that changes colors who is almost shot by her father when he does not recognize that the monster is his own daughter. The monster girl disappears and is never seen again.

There were a few other stories in the class with scary characters and also blood and guts. Her story stood out with its detailed plot. These stories seemed a little disturbing, coming from third graders. But the Goosebumps books are popular with them. And, I am guessing, many of them have seen horror movies most of us would not ever think of allowing an eight year old watch.

I wonder, did Stephen King scare his third grade teachers? Or make them worry?

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4 Responses to Future Horror Fiction Writer?

  1. mayawoodall says:

    Love the writing that doesn’t seem to match the kid–you learn so much about a person’s mind through his/her writing. Scary writing from the innocent girl–yes, I bet Stephen Kind did scares his teachers.

  2. kdoele says:

    I am left wondering if it wasn’t the prompt that turned her into a monster child.:) Wow! I usually feel I learn most about my children through their writing but they choose there own topics. Stephen King…. I wonder???

  3. This is a funny one. I think Stephen King is a Christian also:) He wrote my seventh graders a real 3 page letter about 15 years ago. I don’t love horror, at all! xo

  4. It can be really surprising what a students’ writing will reveal about them. I usually ask my students to make their writing “appropriate for school”; where does one draw the line for horror writing if that is what truly interests the students?

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