Heard Around the House

The shower is running and running,
much longer than usual.
The washer is spinning and spinning,
for load after load.
A cell phone is buzzing, buzzing, buzzing,
text after text after text.
The cats are purring and purring,
loud enough to be heard across the room.

Yes! Our girl is home for
Spring Break!

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7 Responses to Heard Around the House

  1. Carol says:

    Hurray! I’ll bet you don’t even mind all the extra noise and confusion! So good to have them home!

  2. Ms. Kelly says:

    And bringing new energy to the house. I connected with your poem.

  3. beachhousefarmhouse says:

    I am sure you just loved writing the word ‘spring’ as I know it has been so cold up there in the Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy the spring and the lovely company of your girl!! A lovely poem.

  4. Jaana says:

    What a great familiar sounds to celebrate homecoming!

  5. arjeha says:

    Some sounds just light up the house and the heart.

  6. C.Crouch says:

    How true…having a teenager/college-ager in the home sure does create a sense of energy…even though they may not utter a word…there’s plenty other ‘busyness” to show their presence.

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