Out My Window Now

I am looking through the window blinds. Evening is spreading across the sky. Pink deepens into blazing red, then fades back into palest pink. The clouds are gray, getting darker and slowly obscuring the pink, in spite of a ribbon of blue-gray light above them. In stark contrast, the bare trees look like black cut-outs pasted against the sky. As the light gives way to dark, the the cars going by lend the only light now with their bright white headlights and glowing red tail lights. The lights create a shimmering reflection on the pond, even in the darkness. The lights, the shadowy shapes of the cars, and the reflections are all I can see now in the strips of night between the blinds.

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8 Responses to Out My Window Now

  1. anita says:

    Who needs a photo? Your words are powerful and your image – magical and wonderful – is clear to me.

  2. elsie says:

    Day gives way and allows night to enter. You create a vivid picture.

  3. Your words are very descriptive and I can imagine it in my mind. I see the night falling and you now sitting in the dark peeking out. Wonderful imagery!

  4. C.Crouch says:

    “Strips of night between the blinds” love that line…I can actually sense the mood within this poetry . Very nice

  5. arjeha says:

    The picture is here. Who needs more?

  6. I can see what you saw because of your descriptive, image-making words!

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