The Countdown to Spring Break

We are on the countdown to break. With one day down this week, we only have five to go. What? I know you are asking, don’t you mean one down, four to go? I wish! We will have to come back again next Monday for a snow make-up day. One lone day of school in that week. It would make more sense if we only had one day to make up, but we have two. The other snow day will be made up on the Friday of what is traditionally a four-day weekend for Memorial Weekend (aka as Race Day weekend here in Indy, hence the highly treasured perk of the four day weekend). We teachers are not happy about it. (The race fans will have to take a personal day to go to Carb Day at the track!)

The good news is, our break is two weeks, so we will still have time to relax. Most of us are more than ready! And I know there are a lot of teachers out there who will lose much more of their spring break, who have already lost three-day weekends, and who will be extending the school year into summer break to make up snow days, so we can’t really complain. It just seems weird to think of coming to school only on Monday… And it is tough to lose that one unique day off we always look forward to…

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3 Responses to The Countdown to Spring Break

  1. *sigh* (that was for you:)). I know you will make the best of it. Just breathe Spring in and out! May next Monday be here and gone rapidly?

  2. Ramona says:

    Maybe some of your students will already be gone. It’s amazing how just a few less bodies in a room can lighten the atmosphere. And how else can Monday be a Friday?

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    As much as I dislike snow days, I am so thankful we are not making them up this year by extending our day like we did last year. That was terribly awful! I am on break this week and my to-do list is still long. Right now do not have to extend our year past Memorial Day. Hang in there!

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