10 Things Right Now

1. Just got home after attending a funeral. It was sad, yes, but at the same time very beautiful and happy memories were stirred. And I saw several friends I don’t get to see very often. I had to ask who one was, then knew if I had just looked more closely at her eyes, I would have known instantly. Couldn’t feel too bad…she asked me who I was. The pastor, in speaking to me, not the message, mentioned “the changing of the guard” taking place as we continue to lose these older members of the church. Thinking of all those already gone and looking around the room mostly full of these dear ones, certainly brought tears. The white hair and pink suit reminded me so much of my mom, who was one of them. Besides the ones in the room, there are several homebound or in nursing homes. I realize I and my contemporaries are the ones in the next guard. How will we ever fill their shoes?

2. Listening to the news as I write. More underground explosions downtown in the electrical infrastructure. Scary!

3. My daughter is in the bathroom styling her hair and putting on makeup. Her boyfriend is on his way, and we are going out to dinner together. Since they are both poor college students, I’ll be paying. Her hair is shiny and beautiful when she comes out.

4. The TV just went to a shot showing kids doing today’s statewide (well, almost…our school did it yesterday) tornado drill. The children were sitting in the opposite position (facing the wall, down on knees, head tucked, hands behind head, covering neck) from the way we have been taught (back to wall, knees pulled up, head on knees, hands behind head, covering neck). What does research say? Which method is best?

(Oops, the right now will be restarted after the aforementioned dinner out. Guess he drove fast or I wrote slow, but boyfriend is here, and they are ready to go.)

5. We stopped at the gas station on the way back, and my daughter pumped the gas and cleaned the windshield. That was great! I hardly ever have anyone around to do that little chore.

6. Our neighbor’s house has a SOLD sign on it now. Good news for them, but we will miss them. They have been the glue of the neighborhood. She always knows what is happening with everyone. They have an portable fire pit and when they build a fire, anyone is welcome to come by and visit. But now both of their sons are married and live on the other side of town, so they are building a new house close to them.

7. I started a new book on my Kindle. Shakespeare Saved My Life is the story of a college professor and a prisoner in solitary confinement and their ten-year study of Shakespeare together. The opening chapters have hooked me.

8. A writing companion has joined me on the couch, snuggled right up next to me. Taff is our cat who is usually very active, but is soft and purry when he has worn himself out. And he is a nice source of warmth on a chilly evening like it is right now.

9. I brought home a piece of pie in a to-go box from dinner. It is starting to call my name. It is so decadent, I won’t even tell you what kind it is. Daughter and boyfriend split a slice. I will eat a few bites tonight and maybe a few bites tomorrow… or maybe I will just eat the whole thing.

10. Now I am ready to link my slice. And read slices for awhile. And write comments. I love March!

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6 Responses to 10 Things Right Now

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    Interesting about the tornado position. We always do facing the wall. Hmm I wonder which is the safest? I love this format and I have seen several of these. I hope you enjoyed your dinner and pie!

  2. chiaraslice says:

    I enjoyed your list. A bunch of tiny moments that I. Could see clearly. Thank you!

  3. travelinma says:

    I read in disbelief that one would have the discipline to eat a few bites of pie and save more bites for the next night. Did you eat the whole piece?

  4. ptsuthers says:

    yes, definitely I would eat the whole piece of pie. A beautiful list, I feel calm and serene after reading it.

  5. What a great list of “little things”. The part about your daughter getting ready for her boyfriend made me think about my 11 year old having a future boyfriend… I had a little panic attack. Ha!

  6. This was such a thoughtful, detailed list giving me a full picture of your evening. I hope you enjoyed every bite of that pie. 🙂

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