My Cat

My cat sits at the window
Feet tucked under,
Tail wrapped snugly
around his body,
Ears perked up.

Calmly he listens
to birds chirping

I watch and wait,
expecting he will

But no,
he stretches upward,
turns and walks over
to me

Sits beside me,
feet tucked under,
tail tapping me
as he purrs

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8 Responses to My Cat

  1. jhaworthoy says:

    I love this! Of course, I can relate since I have just adopted two adult kitties. I have always had a cat in the house and it had been a year since my 22 year old kitty died. Anyway…you have the picture of a cat purrfect! Thanks so much for bringing some sunshine and a smile on this cloudy day. Jackie

  2. arjeha says:

    Cats offer a great fount to writing prompts. I have used mine several times.

  3. elsie says:

    I love to watch the ears of a cat as they swivel to catch the slightest sound. Your cat is wise, it knows those birds are not for the taking, so be content with the human.

  4. Jaana says:

    There are no cats in my house, but I have at times observed my neighbors’ cats. They really seem have endless stories for us humans to share. Wonder what they would write about us?

  5. Lori Sheroan says:

    They certainly have minds of their own, and you captured a lovely image of your cat in the moment he wanted your company.

  6. mrssurridge says:

    I was a cat person before I was a dog person. I adore my dogs, but, if I didn’t have a husband I would certainly have a cat. This poem reminds me why.

  7. I love that he didn’t pounce but merely wanted human interaction. He sounds so special (& cuddly).

  8. Ramona says:

    Love this cat poem since I’m a fellow cat person. My cat loves to sit beside me when I write on the bed.

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