Early Spring Day

Wind whips through the air and
Tree branches laden with buds

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8 Responses to Early Spring Day

  1. mvervinck says:

    So very true! I am so ready for warm weather and no more shivering for anyone or anything!

  2. mvervinck says:

    I am so ready for no more shivering!

  3. freegriffa says:

    brief but it feels and even sounds like spring. fresh and chilly at the same time…

  4. b says:

    So true! I shivered too!
    The big, big snowflakes midday were beautiful. But more beautifully set in December! 🙂
    I love this poem.

  5. Kim says:

    This is the perfect poem for right now. I’d love to pair it with one Sharon Creech wrote last week. She gave me permission to post it in my classroom window. May I post yours, too?

  6. amandavillagomez says:

    I love the image this creates. It has been beautiful weather where I live, feeling like spring, but at my conference this week, it is definitely winter like weather – seeing my breath and everything. I can picture the trees shivering, with their buds ready for spring.

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