April Fools

My daughter is a trickster
She loves to laugh

She plotted at night
While I slept

She made an invisible wall
To block the bedroom door

I didn’t hear a thing
When she attached the Saran Wrap

But I ran SMACK! into it
As I walked out the door

I was quite confused
She was quite amused

She shook with laughter
Still she caught it on video

And together we laughed
Over and over at the April Fools

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One Response to April Fools

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    My daughter got me last year by putting a rubber band around the sprayer at the sink. When I turned the water on, it sprayed me in the face. Good thing for her I hadn’t already done my hair! I can’t believe our daughter caught it on video! Now, that is funny.

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