I got up early this morning. I rushed to get ready. I had an important stop to make on the way to school. I got in my car and made the short drive to the local fire station. Approaching the door, I was met by an enthusiastic bunch of campaigners. I walked in and right up to to the table. The poll workers greeted me and had no trouble finding my name. There was no pressure or distraction from a long line of voters waiting behind me. There were no other voters behind me. I got my ballot and went straight to the booth to mark my choices. I took a few steps to the machine and inserted my ballot. I was voter #2!

It was early. The polls had not been open too long. Usually, though, the opening hours early in the morning, as people stop by on the way to work, are the busiest times. Today is the primary. There won’t be as many voters. Still, there are important decisions being made. I am glad to have a part in the process. I am not that political, but I believe in voting-
it is my right, duty, and privilege as a citizen.

I’m proudly wearing my voter’s sticker at school today. Our school is a voting site for the surrounding community. The students will see voters coming in today. I hope that with the example of teachers wearing “I voted” stickers and watching the process take place in their gym, the students will absorb a lesson they will remember as they grow up to become citizens with a vote, and that they will vote.

What about you? Do you cherish the vote you have?

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6 Responses to Vote!

  1. Children learn what they live. Good for you modeling the importance of participating in your democracy.

  2. Dana Murphy says:

    I love your writing about being role models for the students. Yes, I think your sticker and the other things they see today send a loud message. Good job doing your civic duty today.

  3. arjeha says:

    It is a shame that more people don’t take primaries more seriously. I never miss a chance to cast my vote. After all, one voice can change the world. You are definitely a role model for your students.

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Good for you! Voting is what democracy is all about.

  5. Lori Sheroan says:

    Absolutely! Thank you for your wonderfully-written reminder of the importance of voting and setting a good example for our students.

  6. Ramona says:

    I’ve written about it before, but our home was a polling place when we were growing up. I have so many memories connected with the neighbors coming to our home to vote. I miss going to a polling place, WA is now a mail-in ballot only state. Your students are lucky to have the example of a teacher proudly wearing her sticker.

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