Daddy-Daughter Love

A baby girl is born
And with that first look,
The first wonder-filled, gentle touch-
A man’s chest swells with pride and
His heart fills with something new,
Intense, never felt before-
Daddy-Daughter love.

Days, weeks, and months pass by
The baby grows, babbles her first word,
“Da-da” and reaches her little arms up
To be held in Daddy’s strong arms.
The little girl take her first steps,
And one day puts her little feet in
Daddy’s big shoes and walks around,
And Daddy-Daughter love grows.

The years fly by and before he knows it
The little baby becomes a little girl,
Then a gangly teen and suddenly
A beautiful young woman.
She’s the apple of his eye and
The joy of his heart.
Daddy-Daughter love remains true
Through it all.

Eventually new loves arrive on the scene-
Grandchildren followed by
And then Daddy-Daughter love
Becomes stronger, deeper-
A bond that will never break.

The decades pass and roles shift-
Daughter takes care of Daddy
Until one day he is called away
To his heavenly home…

Daddy-Daughter love lives on…
And it always will.

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3 Responses to Daddy-Daughter Love

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. I never had this with my dad, but luckily I get to see it with my husband and our daughter!

  2. That is a precious relationship. What a blessing to Daddy and daughter. Leigh Anne’s comment reminds me that even if earthly fathers disappoint and fall short, there is a heavenly Father that never fails His adopted daughters.

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