Here We Go Into the Blogging World

We met for an hour after school today- the Ernie Pyle Writers. Why? To start our blogs! It was a little slow-going at first- just typing in usernames and passwords was a bit of a challenge for these fourth graders. Everyone did manage to get logged in. Learning to maneuver through the site using drop-down menus and finding icons was all new. Everyone chose new background colors and a theme. No one had ever heard of a widget, but we used one to link individual student blogs to the class blog. A first post (another new word) was written and published. The new bloggers found each others’ blogs to read the posts.

At first, there was some grumbling- it seemed hard. It wasn’t long before excitement started catching on. They were not ready to stop at the end of the hour. Just wait ’til they learn about comments! Just wait ’til they truly realize they are Ernie Pyle Writers!

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4 Responses to Here We Go Into the Blogging World

  1. shannonhorn1 says:

    I am so surprised that fourth graders aren’t already masters at all of technology — including the terminology of it! That’s awesome that you had them all start blogs. I loved when you wrote “just wait ’til they learn about comments!”

  2. newtreemom says:

    I know, it would seem fourth graders would be masters at technology…and they are, at video games…but a lot of my students still have no computer at home. And of those who do have a computer, few have internet access. At school, we have been steadily improving in providing up-to-date technology. We are finally wireless. We have a computer lab, COWS with laptops for students and I-PAD carts. Still, we haven’t spent much time teaching keyboarding and other skills.

  3. Ramona says:

    COWS? What does that acronym stand for? Great that your students were excited by the end of an hour. Is this an after school voluntary club? Do your students know who Ernie Pyle was? It will be fun when they learn about comments. Isn’t that half of the fun of blogging?

    • newtreemom says:

      COWS- Computers on Wheels (carts that can be wheeled to different rooms)
      It is a voluntary activity. We have Ernie Pyle memorabilia around the school, and we try to make sure students know about him.
      I hope the fun of blogging will be something that will help promote the love of writing!

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