I Know I Had a Great Idea

Take a lesson from me. Write it down! I know a couple of days ago I had the perfect idea for this week’s slice. I wrote it in my head. I know I did. But I didn’t write it in my notebook. I didn’t write it on a scrap of paper. I just thought about it. Now I can’t remember it. Not one word. Not a ghost of an idea what it was. So I am stuck. I can’t come up with a new idea. My mind keeps trying to resurrect whatever that other idea was. Because it was perfect.

If you find it, let me know…

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8 Responses to I Know I Had a Great Idea

  1. bevbaird says:

    Oh I can so relate. I keep a pad of paper by my bedside as I know that if I don’t write an idea down, it will be gone by morning. And yet, I still don’t do it every time. Ugh! I’ll keep an eye out for it! lol

  2. arjeha says:

    I, too, have had this happen so many times you would think I would learn. I haven’t. I just bet that all of those lost ideas are in the same land where all those missing socks that the washers eat live. What a time they must be having.

  3. But instead, you crafted a piece that shows without telling your frustration. Great craft move! And I know that other idea will return. SO buy a purse big enough to hold a notebook and pens and be ready!!

  4. Donna Smith says:

    This is something I really hate. Not the post, but the ideas that go skipping away – like we are going to remember them! And you can’t even put up a “Wanted” poster – who can remember what it even LOOKED like? Sorry for your loss! Been there. Done that.

  5. elsie says:

    What a terrible thing to lose! I bet one day it will come back when something triggers that memory. This time you will jot a note to remind you.

  6. Leigh Anne says:

    Oh this sounds so familiar! I am terrible at writing things down when I think of them…but that makes me great at forgetting them! I hope you find it soon!

  7. LSquared says:

    Yes, that thing about “if it’s important, you’ll remember it” is simply not true. I have various half-filled journals trying to stay near me when I do have an idea. I’ve heard of people who even get out of bed in the nighttime to jot something down if a great thought occurs to them.
    I really need to work on the random note taking. I have to believe my ideas are valuable. (I don’t believe I do).
    Then, how to retrieve them?

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