Just Doesn’t Look Like Tennessee

My sister had two dachshunds- Oscar Mayer and Jimmy Dean. Sadly, Oscar lost his battle with the ailments of old age earlier this year. At the time my sister declared she would not get another dog. It wasn’t long, though before she started commenting on how lonely Jimmy was. She started looking, “just looking” on the internet. She found a breeder with a litter of puppies available. Of course, she found “the one.” She had to wait several weeks before bringing him home. She sent out pictures of the cute little guy and asked for name ideas since she was undecided. Someone suggested Tennessee Pride. She thought she had the perfect name.

I told my daughter about the name. She said, “Enough with the sausage names!”

As it turns out, I guess she was right. When my sister brought the puppy home, she decided he “just doesn’t look like Tennessee.” So, no more sausage dogs.

The new puppy is Baxter.

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3 Responses to Just Doesn’t Look Like Tennessee

  1. arjeha says:

    When you start just looking a new addition cannot be far behind. Believe me, I know. Love the name Baxter.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Love that she found a new friend for Jimmy, and Baxter is just right. I love the sausage names-very funny.

  3. Lori Kidder says:

    Our son and daughter in law have a dog, the size of a small pony. His name is Baxter. Love that dog.

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