This and That

Here are a few snippets of the holiday season…

Staff Shenanigans

We had an “ugly sweater contest” the last day of school. The afternoon before, at staff meeting, one of our minority of men (we are an elementary school, with just 3 men who are teachers on our staff- they put up with a lot) announced he was sure he would win this year, since he would be wearing a Purdue sweatshirt (taking advantage of the ongoing Indiana-Purdue rivalry). Sure enough, he did win. Another one of the men, one of our newest teachers, put in a valiant effort. He wore an army-green sweater with an ornament hung in the front. Students brought him candy canes, which he hung in the button holes.

Family Dinner

Our own “home entertainment system,” AKA my 15 month-old nephew, came through in a big way at our family dinner Sunday. He delighted us all with repeated games of peek-a-boo with his 91 year-old granny throughout the afternoon. His bright laughter, along with granny’s giggles, warmed every heart.

Shopping Scene

Standing in line to check out at a popular department store, I noticed the young woman in front of me bend over to pick something up off the floor. She tapped the lady in front of her and asked, “Did you drop a bank envelope?”

“No, it’s not mine,” she said, in turn tapping the woman in front of her.

That woman, seeing what the young woman was holding up, broke into profuse thanks. “Oh, what would I have done when I got to the register and discovered I had lost it! Thank you, thank you! I can’t thank you enough!”

I smiled inside and outside to see that kindness and honesty really do exist. Either of the first two women could have quietly claimed the envelope, knowing it probably held cash…but they did the right thing. These moments surround us as surely as the bad news in the world. Keeping our eyes and hearts open to them is so important!

A Fun Gift

I asked my college senior daughter for a few gift ideas. One of the items on her list: things for my walls- anything Paris or purple. Maybe I’ve been shopping in the wrong stores, but I haven’t found any purple. I did have a brainstorm, though, which has led to what I think is going to be a unique and hopefully, cherished, gift. I bought some frames which look like they could be from an apartment on a Paris street and framed the covers from her childhood copies of Madeline and Madeline’s Christmas, which both feature the Eiffel Tower. Those books must be the start of her love affair with Paris. I hope she gets there some day…and in the meantime, I hope she loves this gift!

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2 Responses to This and That

  1. arjeha says:

    Love your gift idea. It is unique and sure to be treasured. Something from the past providing hope for a future trip.

  2. Lisa Orchard says:

    I love the gift idea too! I also loved your shopping story. I’m glad to see that there is still good in this world. 🙂 I’m stopping over from a Slice of Life. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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