Welcome Challenge

It’s Day One of the March 2016 SOLSC! A Super Tuesday for slicers! I am excited and ready for the challenge. This is the fifth year I have participated. You would think I would have linked up bright and early (it wouldn’t have been bright, since we have had a cloudy, rainy day), but I wanted to offer a “fresh slice” so I have been waiting all day for the right small moment of inspiration. I added several ideas to a “maybe I’ll write about this” list throughout the day, but it was just a little while ago that the moment I decided to write about happened.

My phone rang and the caller ID displayed my daughter’s name. “Hello, sweetie,” I said.

“Hello, Mother,” came the reply. You never know just what to expect when that is your college senior’s greeting, especially when she’s always called you Mom, even when she was very little and gave you the handmade Mother’s Day card with the glued on letters that read “Momy.”

She called to let me know one of her many online applications has gotten her an interview for her first “real” job. With college graduation almost here, no longer a vague day years away, she is exploring possibilities and beginning to make plans for the future. She says she wants to “get all her ducks in a row.” I smile, remembering the girl whose ducks were always running every which way.

I smile, because she still calls Mom. Even if she does scare me a little with that “Hello, Mother.”

It’s appropriate that I write about my daughter on the first day of SOLSC. My first year of SOLSC was her senior year in high school, and she had just been accepted at ISU, home of the Sycamores…making me a New “Tree Mom.” That’s the story behind the name of my blog.

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6 Responses to Welcome Challenge

  1. Thank you for sharing your daughter today. I love to read about your life and what is important to you. I have been reading your slice stories for four years now.

  2. Lori Sheroan says:

    “Hello, Mother…” That would really get my attention as well! Mother, mom, or mommy…it’s so special that she still calls home to share her life with you. This slice made me smile and reminded me that my boys will be in college all too soon.

  3. anita says:

    What a wonderful connection between your daughter, your blog, and your need to write…and YES….I TOO know that Hello Mother can mean….I need money, a lawyer, a new job, more problems than imaginable….more love than possible…

  4. arjeha says:

    Congratulations on your fifth year. I have enjoyed reading your posts and appreciate all of the comments you leave on mine. Here’s to an exciting month.

  5. elsie says:

    I’m so glad the opening of the phone call wasn’t for bad news. How exciting that she will be graduating and there are job opportunities available. I hope the one she takes is close to you. Happy fifth year slicing!

  6. Peg D says:

    Wonderful! I like knowing the meaning of your blog name. My brother in law is a professor there. 🙂
    Our son is preparing to go to school in the fall. He has it narrowed to two. Just waiting for fasfa packages. Good luck to your daughter.

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