Haiku for Spring

Buds still tightly closed
Sun today, rain tomorrow
Blooms appearing soon

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4 Responses to Haiku for Spring

  1. So many emotions and feelings in eleven little words, Buds and blooms, sunshine, and rain, tightly closed, appearing soon. So many contrasts, it makes for a vivid poem between despair and hope.

  2. b says:

    Yes! Pamela detailed your work in such an eloquent way. For me, it captured the in-betweenness of spring. I’m thrilled, however, to have a string of days in the 60s; the in-betweenness though comes because it snowed here last week…and the forecast is still out for next week.
    We do have bulbs sprouting!
    Yay for progress! Yay for spring!

  3. Once the birds start chirping in the morning, I know spring is soon approaching. Your poem captured the beauty of this delicate time. Beautiful.

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