Young Writer

I just got a text message from my sister’s phone:

Yjhg.E;;;;;-.%1&5ikand.p00)Mh H c c c r 1 –

I was about to send her a message asking what on earth was wrong with her phone, when I got this follow-up:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxxx’z-(6)ij} love Jaxson

Jaxson is my one year old great-nephew…maybe he is on his way to becoming a writer!

P.S. My sister said he was saying “DiDi” (my nickname) when he was “writing.”

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11 Responses to Young Writer

  1. khays41 says:

    Awesome! Those are the best messages to get because they are sent with love!

  2. margaretsmn says:

    Oh so cute!

  3. Here’s a precious small moment you probably would’ve forgotten if you didn’t capture it in writing today!

  4. caroline524 says:

    I’m sure it will put a smile on your face for many days to come.

  5. Kris Shrontz says:

    I love it! He sounds like a budding writer.

  6. elsie says:

    He has something to say and he knows how to get it done. Cute!

  7. Maria says:

    Love it! You need to save this for when he publishes his first book!

  8. paulabourque says:

    Writing with a purpose! Haaaa! LOVE IT. Ironically, I get those from my mother!

  9. Linda Baie says:

    I’m glad you finally discovered that ‘secret message’. Very fun.

  10. Karen says:

    Writing is speech written down. I’m smiling thinking of the stages of written language. Does this approximation of writing come before or after the scribbling stage? Thanks for sharing this adorable story!

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