Bits and Pieces

Tapped the snooze alarm three times this morning
Had to go out to the car to retrieve cat food from the trunk to feed the cats this morning
Raindrops started falling as I stepped outside, very lightly
Southern accent coming out as I read Winn-Dixie with fourth graders
One minute power writes
Puzzling with colleagues over recent rude, rude behavior of our sixth graders
Encouraged by receiving a very unexpected compliment
Got so involved in a conversation I talked right through my lunch time without eating
Text from my daughter- she ordered cap and gown for college graduation today!!!!!
At the dentist after school, thinking when did dentists get so young?
(if you didn’t “get” that observation about the dentist, just wait, one day you will)
Rained much harder this afternoon, and long, skinny, slimy worms were stretched out on the driveway, an obstacle course
Fried chicken for supper, comfort food, ahhh
Contented cat sleeping on my lap
Slicing and commenting, listening to The Voice
Getting droopy eyes

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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces

  1. Lisa R says:

    I love these bits and pieces. You created a picture of your day with these details — and showed us so much about you as well. I can totally relate to the dentist seeming so young – doctors have gotten younger too!

  2. I love this structure!! I may even copy this idea one day! And about the dentist…I get it!!!

  3. elsie says:

    Days are busy, no wonder eyes become droopy.

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