A Ardent Christian- I want others to see Jesus in me

B Blue- my favorite color

C College graduate- first in my family

D Diane, Di, Di-di- my middle name, not my first, but the one I have always gone by

E Etcetera-there are a lot more things that could be said about me

F Fan of the Indianapolis Colts

G Grateful for many blessings

H Helpful- I like to help

I Intent- generally, I take things seriously

J Joy- an undercurrent in my life, not always visible, but always there

K Kind- who I really want to be, always living by the Golden Rule

L Linguist- well, not really, though always fascinated by language; I speak Spanish, but not fluently, and also sign
language- being an interpreter for the deaf was my first job (other than babysitting)

M Mom- who I dreamed of being, and became through adoption

N Nearsighted- I’ve worn glasses most of my life, but I hope I am farsighted in outlook

O Old-fashioned ideas and values

P Proud to be an American

Q Quiet- at least people often say I am, I don’t always think so, though I do tend to be the listener in conversations

R Reader- true book lover, I can’t imagine a day going by without reading something

S Sister- first to my sister, who came along when I was 4, who I longed for with all my heart; next to my two brothers, two rocks always there for me; and to my “second” sister- because step-sister is not a good enough word

T Teacher- I’ve always heard your job is not who you are, but I think if you are a teacher, that is a huge part of your identity

U Understanding- I try to be accepting and understanding of everyone

V Volunteer- I have served in many volunteer positions in church, school, and community

W Writer is the “w” word I want to pick, but widow is the truest- definitely one I never wanted, but one I have lived with for nearly 16 years- I got to be wife for nearly 27 years, and I loved it

X eXtra glad to be part of SOLSC this year, since it’s the fifth year for me- Wow!

Y Yuletide lover- I love everything Christmas: the Reason for the season, decorations, gift-giving, carols, candlelight, parties, family gatherings

Z Zion (heaven)- where I will live forever in God’s presence

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4 Responses to ABC

  1. I read one of these ABC’s yesterday from another Slicer. It’s such a neat way to help others get to know you better. (Very creative with your X line too!)

  2. Lori Sheroan says:

    I’m amazed by how much information you conveyed through ABCs. I’ll have to try this!

  3. Ramona says:

    Great to realize that we both year fivers for slicing this year. I still have some of your poetry in my writer’s notebook. The ABC of me is a fun way to share information about yourself.

  4. Alice Nine says:

    Like your ABC’s… reading them was like hearing you talk, getting to know you, over a cup of coffee or tea. I love the way you tied Z back to A–they are inseparable, can’t have one without the other.

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