Time Change Tired

I thought I would avoid writing about the time change this March. I’ve written about it before.

But in spite of a beautiful sunny day, the time change is really catching up with me today. I yawned my way through the day.

It’s not just the time change. One by one, colleagues at my school have been revealing that they are seriously looking for new positions. We already had two planned retirements. So far, four more have announced they are leaving for other schools next year. The teacher who was my mentor the first year I was at our school has an interview set up. Four more have confided they will be leaving if they find other positions. Thinking about all these changes is exhausting.

But it was a beautiful sunny day!

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7 Responses to Time Change Tired

  1. janefhelms says:

    I hear you and relate. We went through several mergers, each more complex, if only because we lost colleagues at every step of the way. Both.missing and mourning. Heads up, hearts up as everything comes out okay in the end, eventually!

  2. Change – whether it be the time, or your colleagues, or expectations – ARE exhausting. Good for you for looking for the spot of sunshine even as you feel the weight of these changes.

  3. jehansen13 says:

    I’ve been tired, too!

  4. arjeha says:

    All that to think about plus a change in time…no wonder you were exhausted.

  5. But change can also be good and healthy. Hoping your changes lead to new adventures and new friends!

  6. Can definitely relate. The time change is killing me. And we have a preschool to 6th grade elementary with a functional life class (2 classes per grade k-6) and we have 3 certified staff left from our first day in the building built 7 years ago. So, so hard to build a community let alone maintain one. Someone once said, “If you fall, fall on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.” Best of luck and keep focusing on that sun. 🙂

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