Scenes from St. Patrick’s Day at School

The first person I saw this morning when I arrived at school was our secretary. Perched on her head was a tiny, fancy, Kentucky Derby style hat with a miniature veil. It was kelly green. It was attached to her head full of braids.

Rounding the corner, I almost ran into a leprechaun…er, third grade teacher. He had on a green plaid shirt, and green suspenders and a white belt adorned with shamrocks held up his jeans, which were rolled up to reveal the special St. Patrick’s Day socks he was wearing. To top it off, he had on a black stovepipe hat that was decorated with a green band and gold buckle (fashioned from yarn). Now add to the picture a very Irish-looking reddish beard- his own real beard! Can’t you see why I thought I was running into a leprechaun?

As a friend came in as we all were heading to morning duties, she complimented my top with shades of green and my shiny green necklaces (from the dollar deals at Target). I told her, “Wait ’til you see Mr. T.” I heard the laughter when she did.

My friend who I share a classroom with brought me a frosted shamrock cookie from a local bakery that was so yummy- the frosting was perfect- so smooth and just sweet enough, not too sweet. She showed me some photos of her one year old daughter dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day at day care, and bemoaned the fact that this year her son had to wear his school uniform, though at least he had a green shirt. Then she showed me the photos from last year, when her daughter was a tiny baby in a “My First St. Patrick’s Day” onesie, with long, gangly baby legs and bare feet sticking out, and her son even had green glasses to wear to pre-school with his silly outfit.

Then there was the kindergartner whose “green” was the green eye-shadow her mom had put on her. And one of our Hispanic girls decked out with green earrings, shirt and necklace- and a green and silver crown that said, “Irish Princess.” One teacher stamped the hands of all who were not wearing green with a shamrock. One third grader had declared yesterday that he wouldn’t be able to participate in standardized testing today because he was going to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. His teacher smiled and asked him if it was because he is Irish…he nodded yes very seriously. (He definitely is not).

The other teacher who was most dressed up was one of our kindergarten teachers. She had a shirt that was bedecked with lots of sequined, shiny shamrocks, shamrock earrings, and a tall green hat. She had hidden a gold coin in each student’s cubby for them to discover!

Our principal was out of the building today at administrative meetings, so the secretary took pictures of the two leprechauns to show her tomorrow. She was the one who had declared today “green” jeans day- staff could wear jeans IF they also wore green. Tomorrow is likely to find some more outrageous fashions…since it is our last day before spring break, it is “spring” jeans day- staff can wear jeans IF they wear a spring top. The leprechaun was planning a trip to Goodwill for a Hawaiian shirt…

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3 Responses to Scenes from St. Patrick’s Day at School

  1. Darlene Andre says:

    I love the images of your staff and students dressed for the special day. I’m not at all Irish, however I wore green and even made corned beef and cabbage for dinner. I’m glad you enjoyed the day.

  2. Loralee says:

    What fun your staff has together! How wonderful!

  3. Ramona says:

    Sounds like a day filled with fun and sparkle from students and staff alike.

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