The Cat Wants to Write

My cat Taff is back next to me, after having abandoned me during the week my daughter was home from college on spring break. It is difficult to type as he likes to get as close as he can to the laptop. When I move him over, he just moves right back to his preferred spot, swatting me with his long tail. He is purring loudly, though, a nice accompaniment to write by.

I suppose if he wrote a Slice of Life, he might describe his favorite sleeping spots. Despite my attempts to break the habit, he keeps returning to the top of the cushion back of my relatively new couch, leaving behind the cat hair he is shedding as the weather gets warmer, and threatening to create a permanent indentation in that one spot he likes. He occasionally actually curls up on the top of the cat condo/scratching post. Another favorite spot is in front of the sliding door to the patio, where he can lie in the sun. Sometimes he sleeps on his back, all four legs stretched out, just on the floor in the middle of the living room. He probably would write about how rude my daughter is to leave so that her bed is no longer the perfect cat-friendly environment it was just yesterday, with a true cat lover who welcomes cold wet noses and cat nibbles on the ear to wake her. He doesn’t get quite the same love from me, although I do love him and find him to be excellent company and entertainment most of the time. (I just don’t love the wet nose.)

He might write about the older cat in the house and how annoying she can be, especially when she has one of her hissy-fits. Or the fun of leaping from floor to counter to the top of the fridge and then over to drape himself over the plant rail that tops the wall between the kitchen and the living/dining room. He gloats from up there over the old woman cat who isn’t that agile any more. He doesn’t know she did it long before he did, and even accomplished a feat he never has- sliding all the way down the wall back onto the floor. She did that when she was a kitten, and he wasn’t around then. When he is being lazy, he hangs out on the lower wall between the living room and hall. He might write about how he enjoys his crunchy food, and how annoying it is when the other cat eats it, too, even though she eats the mushy canned stuff he never touches.

Maybe he would write how much he adores his two beautiful humans…oh, who am I kidding? As the saying goes, cats see people as staff. But this one does sometimes act like a devoted dog would- he will run to the door when one of us gets home, and he will sit and roll over when my daughter tempts him with a treat. Maybe he would write nice things about us after all.

Whatever he might really write, he did help me get a slice done on Day 21. That’s something!

Taff the Cat

Taff the Cat

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4 Responses to The Cat Wants to Write

  1. elsie says:

    I love cats, they have such defined personalities. Yours sound purr-fect.

  2. arjeha says:

    Cats really do allow us to live with that. I had to smile as I read this. My cats do so many of the same things. Dustin just loves the cursor on my laptop.

  3. A dark cat like ours – we find our eyes overlook him all the time. For some reason the absence of color just becomes invisible to us.

  4. Glenda Funk says:

    The cat writes in little cat tails.

    Love this slice. Love cats. Happy to go the cat’s budding.

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