Two Girls

Two little girls in frilly Easter dresses
One feeling pretty and prissy
The other itchy and irritable
A smile and a scowl side by side.

Two little girls out at the lake
One running wild, happy and free
The other under a tree reading a book
Loud laughter and quiet contentment, side by side.

That was my sister and me, different as could be, but still side by side. We are four years apart- years that seemed a big gap way back when we were kids, but a gap that evaporated in adulthood. We still are so different in interests and lifestyle, but we know each other better than anyone else. Shared memories and roots keep us close, the differences don’t keep us apart.

I am so grateful for my sister!

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One Response to Two Girls

  1. Ramona says:

    Sisters are the best. Headed to CA next month to visit my big sis. Can’t wait for uninterrupted talk time (and we’re nine years apart).

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