Spring storms passed through again tonight. Some of the lightning was shockingly bright. Thunder boomed and thundered loud and long. Yet I did not feel stressed by the storm as I did earlier in the week when I drove through a thunder storm. I was warm and cozy inside. I thought back to when I was young. I remember two stories my mom and dad would tell us to keep us from being afraid during storms. Sometimes it was God moving his furniture. Other times it was God bowling up in heaven. Silly stories that would get us laughing.

I remember a few times when storms were scary. These were tornadoes, not just thunderstorms. Once, my dad was called out with the volunteer fire department. The rest of us- my mom, me- the oldest at ten, my 6 year old sister, my 3 year old brother, and baby brother- were home. the electricity went out, so we had candlelight. The storm blew the back door open, and before we could force it shut again, the kitchen floor was two inches deep in water.

Another time, we were in the yard and the sky turned that odd, stormy color. We all ran inside. The funnel cloud passed high above our house. It knocked over pictures as it went by.

But the thing I remember most about storms is being out on the porch with my dad, watching the sky change and the rain start. I miss those times.

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1 Response to Thunder

  1. C.Crouch says:

    The recent storms scared my daughter too. I never thought it could scare her up so much but the site of her little wooden playhouse tossed on its top and broken after the storm kept her shaking all night. Those clever funny stories are a good way of distracting a little ones worried heart. I’ll try them next time.

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