31 Titles

Welcome Challenge
The Wedding Shower, The Baby Shower
Daisy Head Maysie to Palindromes to Ivan
Sweet Mama, Heard Any Good Lines Lately?
Haiku for Spring
Young Writer, Bits and Pieces, Cutie,
ABC, Friendship is Not Always Easy, Don’t like the Weather?
One Hundred One
Time Change Tired, Blue Crayolas
Scenes from Saint Patrick’s Day at School, Spring Break
They’re Engaged!
The Cat Wants to Write
Where Were You When…
We Are
Travel Wish List
Dinner Went Long, I Tried
Two Girls, Storm, Stuck, Thunder
31 Titles

There are all my titles from the month of March. I wondered if they would make a poem if I wrote them all in a list. What do you think?

What do I notice? Some represent big life events: Wedding Shower, Baby Shower, One Hundred One, They’re Engaged,and Where Were You When. Some are so ordinary- I wrote about the weather, a snack, my favorite color, and days at school. I wrote random thoughts- ABC and Bits and Pieces, and random observations- Sweet Mama and Heard Any Good Lines Lately? My “saddest” slices- Dinner Went Long and I Tried- where I explained how I wrote every day, but missed linking up one day. Several slices were poems- I am always surprised by that, before slicing I didn’t know I like to write poetry. And of course, I wrote about family- at least half the slices have some reference to family.

The 31 Titles do a pretty good job of summing up a month of living, full of a potpourri of experiences, thoughts and memories. I enjoyed sharing it with all of you, and sharing in your slice of life in the month of March, too. Looking forward to Tuesdays…and next March!

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18 Responses to 31 Titles

  1. Kelly Neylon says:

    I love the poem your titles make! What a great way to end the challenge!!

  2. Joanne Toft says:

    What a nice idea to look at the titles! Very fun!

  3. Lori Sheroan says:

    Definitely – a poem, a lovely, telling poem about a month of wonderful writing. Thank you for your slices and comments! I will check in on Tuesdays. Looking forward to seeing you then!

  4. mrssurridge says:

    Such a great idea. It’s like when you stack up books and their titles create a poem. I also love your reflection and the surprises you found there. A fun read!

  5. elsie says:

    I thought about using titles in the final slice, but then the idea overwhelmed me, so I abandoned it. I like them in order, it gives a flow to the month. Maybe I will do that next year. I had to laugh when you didn’t know you liked writing poetry. I totally get that. See you on Tuesday!

  6. Wendy says:

    I love this idea!

  7. djvichos says:

    Wow, the titles do say a lot and wrap up the writing month nicely. I like your reflections and what you noticed about your process. Good exercise!

  8. aggiekesler says:

    Cool idea! Did you write them in order, or mix them up? Congrats on finishing the challenge!

    • newtreemom says:

      They are in order, though I considered mixing them- instead I just grouped some on the same line because it looked too long and “unpoetic” with each one on a separate line.

  9. JulieK says:

    Thanks for the creative post. I need to look at the titles of my posts.

  10. writintime says:

    I love how this came out. I’m going to try it with my titles. Titles carry so much meaning, I’m really going to encourage my students to think more about their own titles.

  11. arjeha says:

    What a neat idea to take the titles of the posts and turn them into a poem. I have enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading more on Tuesdays.

  12. onathought says:

    What a great idea! Like spine poetry… but post titles!

  13. Ramona says:

    I love how you grouped some titles together. I’ve long been a fan of your poetry and remember asking permission to share some of your poems with my students for Poetry Friday when I was teaching. I think one of those was about a little brown bird. Do you remember it?
    I love this phrase from your post: “…summing up a month of living, full of a potpourri of experiences, thoughts and memories.” See you Tuesday.

    • newtreemom says:

      I remember it so well. It meant so much when you asked to use the poem. I love using mentor texts in the classroom, and I write with my students, but I was surprised to have another teacher use one of my poems!
      See you on Tuesdays!

  14. Ruth Ayres says:

    I’m glad you’re still writing, after all these years of slicing. It is a lovely thought to use your titles as a means of reflection and to capture the month. I enjoyed reading and being lost in your stories. Thank you for writing.

  15. tbreitweiser says:

    I have used a HEADLINE writing activity – some of the pieces get written and some don’t.
    I love that you made a list of your titles. This post is inspirational to me today!

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