Just a Few Minutes

It took just a few minutes out of my day. I got to the appointment a little early, as recommended. It was over by the time it was supposed to start. It really does not take that long. Have you guessed? Yes, I had my annual mammogram today. It was quick and painless. Only very slightly uncomfortable as I stretched this way and that. It could be life-saving. I hope it brings peace of mind when I get the report.

So take just a few minutes if you have put yours off (or any other screening you should have to take care of your health) and get it on your calendar.

Mammograms saved my mother’s life twice when cancer was diagnosed in an early stage. Once in middle age and again a few years after retirement. She lived into her eighties. How sad it would have been if she had been less careful of her health…we could have lost nearly half of the years we shared with her.

If you’ve had your annual exam, good! If not, consider calling and making the appointment. It will take just a few minutes.

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1 Response to Just a Few Minutes

  1. arjeha says:

    Yearly exams are so important and should not be put off. We know our bodies best and should not hesitate to make a call if something is not as it should be. I am glad I made my call.

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