Afternoon Rain

I was driving home from an appointment when I noticed the sky turning gray. There was a huge cloud that seemed to cover nearly the whole sky. But in contrast, there was a lighter cloud in the shape of a seahorse in the middle. It looked as if the sea had risen up and the only living creature it held was this gigantic seahorse. Gradually, it drifted apart, and then as I turned a different direction, I saw blue sky with some gray and some white clouds. I thought I might make it home ahead of the downpour I sensed was coming.

As I gathered things from the trunk, a few drops began plopping on my head. I dashed toward the porch, dodging the rain drops. Something caught my eye.

Where this morning there were only buds, full of promise, but still tightly closed… now I could see pink, the first peek of a hibiscus bloom.

Hibiscus Bloom

I set my packages down on the table and sat myself down on the glider. The rain fell softly and steadily with a calming rhythm, cleansing the air and leaving a fresh scent. Soon it stopped, but glimmering drops clung to the leaves. I closed my eyes and listened to the wind as it blew through the tall tree in the neighbor’s yard, a strong rustling echoed by a hint of rustling in the small tree at the corner of my porch. The cool breeze touched my face, and I felt a drop of rain it carried and released onto my cheek. I heard crickets chirping in the grass and birds chirping in the trees. I sat, breathing in the clean air, reveling in the cool bursts of the breeze, and listening to nature’s chorus for more than an hour…doing nothing else but thinking of this beauty.

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1 Response to Afternoon Rain

  1. arjeha says:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who sees cloud animals. There is something relaxing about the aftermath of a summer shower. You captured it perfectly.

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