Still We Celebrate

So much is going on in the world. Terrorism and crime- another tragedy with every news report. Politics at a frenzied pace.

Sadness struck close personally, too. Four girlfriends together for an annual girls’ night at our local dinner theater. Then there are three as one gets word that her sister has died.

How do we still celebrate?

The sun shines, flowers bloom, babies smile, a friend hugs, a memory warms your heart, you learn something new, you read a good book, you taste the perfect strawberry, loved ones say “I love you,” you hear a funny joke, your pet nuzzles against you, a task is accomplished, beautiful music plays- each day still has small moments that bring joy.

HibiscusJoshua J.

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5 Responses to Still We Celebrate

  1. Ramona says:

    The sadness can feel overwhelming, thanks for reminding us of the small moments that bring joy! And that little guy – adorable! I think I need one of those shirts for my new grandson.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I know you read my post, too, Diane, and I love that you found those small moments too. I’m sorry for your friend’s sister, guess that she will be much supported by the friendships. The pictures are lovely, that baby the sweetest! Thank you.

  3. Tara Smith says:

    “Each day still has small moments that bring joy” – so true!

  4. We need to celebrate those small moments every day, don’t we? Taking time to stop and look around, we will see that this life we have is pretty darn awesome.

  5. Jaana says:

    Today my joy was reading your words!

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