She Did It!

The big celebration around here this week is for my daughter. Since the beginning of the year, anticipating her college graduation, she began working on her resume, filling in applications, and going to interviews. It wasn’t an easy road. She had to face disappointments and rejections. There were moments of adult-like determination and tenacity and moments of teenage- like dramatics. At one point she even lamented, “I guess I am just going to be homeless all my life!” (This declaration was made in the living room of the home she grew up in, the home she can always come home to- though, of course, it will hopefully be just for visits once she has launched out on her own. Still, it will be here for her no matter what.)

Finally, this week she had her best interview. The one that led to a job offer. A job with decent starting pay, benefits, and opportunities that open the door into turning a job into a career. A job that is in the field she studied for. A job she is excited to start. A job where she will serve others and make a difference. A job to celebrate!

The celebration included dinner…and cheesecake…

The celebration makes the future look bright!

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4 Responses to She Did It!

  1. Congratulations to your daughter!! What an exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) time in her life! Best of luck with her new job!

  2. The future certainly IS bright! Congratulations to your daughter. Finding that “just right” job is not any easy thing to do. YAY!

  3. What an exciting time in her life. What a wise and loving Mom you are to walk with her through all the ups and downs!

  4. Ramona says:

    Hallelujah! It’s pins and needles time as we wait with them for these job opportunities. So glad it’s in her chosen field where she can serve as she planned and make a difference. Kudos to her and to her supportive mom!

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