Purple Shampoo

Many of my relatives on my mom’s side of the family share a couple of characteristics- most of us in the Blankenship clan start getting gray at a young age and when our hair finally turns all gray, it is actually white. My mom often spoke of her dad saying to his eleven offspring when they started seeing those first grays, “If you pull out one gray hair, two will grow back.”

My mom was one of those ladies who went to the beauty shop every week to get her hair done-teased and sprayed so the style would last all week. And every 4-6 weeks, the visit included getting her hair colored. Overs the years the color got gradually lighter, further and further from the dark black hair she was born with. She was almost eighty when she finally let her hair go natural. It was beautiful- soft and white.

Mom was the one who talked me into coloring my hair. I was forty when my daughter was adopted. My mom said I would have enough people calling me her grandma without gray hair. She also said in her experience, in the working world people did not treat a woman with gray hair the same. So for many years, I dyed my hair. It wasn’t too bad when I got it done at the salon. Eventually, though, I started doing it at home. Although I got nice results, I always dreaded doing it.

In my early 60’s, I had had enough. Keeping my hair cut short, I let it grow out. True to my Blankenship heritage, it is now white. At my last haircut, the stylist asked me if I was using purple shampoo. He wasn’t very tactful about it, either. He said, “It will keep you from getting this yellowing in the back.”

So I looked for some purple shampoo. I found it at Walmart. It is really purple, too. I haven’t decided if my hair is any whiter or shinier from using it. But I will admit, that squirt of purple makes me smile.

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2 Responses to Purple Shampoo

  1. Ramona says:

    Wonderful closing line: “…that squirt of purple makes me smile!” I do love reading slices and keeping up with my blogger friends. Here’s to white hair which I think is lovely!

  2. maryannreilly says:

    The color alone would delight me.

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