Across the street from our school is a church, which not too long ago was purchased by a new congregation, a group of African refugees. The building had fallen into a state of disrepair. The church members began working diligently, rebuilding the front steps, painting the trim, creating a new sign. The men were there working day after day, very devoted to their task. Once the work was finished, though, we didn’t see groups gathering during the week for church programs. A couple of teachers who live near the school reported seeing a big crowd on Sunday.

Recently, there has been more activity during the week. One afternoon as I was leaving school, a man in white robes was pacing in front of the church. He was practicing his sermon. He was very devoted to his preparation. I recognized that pacing, having seen my husband do that same kind of pacing many times during his sermon preparation.

A few days later, as I drove down the street approaching school a little after 7, a woman in white robes and a white cap was on the steps of the church. Her hands were clasped in prayer. She was devoted to her prayers so early in the morning. I was inspired.

Except as I got closer I could see her hands were clasped around a cell phone, not clasped in prayer. Very devoted.

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7 Responses to Devoted

  1. You have a gift for noticing and then putting what you see into words. Your ending still lingers with me, too. And I wonder if you will ever stop in to this church?? I kinda want you to and report back more noticings!

  2. arjeha says:

    Not what I expected at the end. Love it. You really do have a good eye for detail.

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    Maybe she was reading a bible verse or a devotion from an app on her phone?? We can only hope right?

  4. Rita K. says:

    Great details, surprise ending. You never really know do you?

  5. elsie says:

    So fun to observe life and surmise the happenings. Keep a sharp eye ready at all times.

  6. msjailew says:

    The ending is the best!

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