Haunting My Thoughts

I heard it on the news this morning, and it is haunting my thoughts. A gas station/convenience store owner telling the story of what is going on in his business. The accompanying video showing escalating violence. This man, his store, and his customers are being victimized by high school boys who come to the store in a group of five or six. One holds the door open while the others rush in to steal whatever they can quickly grab. Then they run off. While the owner calls 911, the boys are long gone before help arrives. This robbery is troubling enough, especially since it has occurred repeatedly. But their most recent spree included a new and terrifying tactic. One of the boys wielded a sock to attack bystanders. Sound amusing? Inside the sock there was a glass bottle.

This story is haunting my thoughts today…

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8 Responses to Haunting My Thoughts

  1. How terrible. There is so much terror in the world today that I wonder how we can ever sleep. We just have to do our best to help and speak out. So much to think about.

  2. lindabaie says:

    It’s terrible for this store owner, and terrible to think that those boys are finding this way to begin their lives. I hope that some resolution happens for the owner soon.

  3. arjeha says:

    How troubling and scary. It makes one almost afraid to leave the house for any reason.

  4. elle1955 says:

    I can’t help but think about the lives of those boys…what could be done to save them (and, in turn, save their victims).

  5. Leigh Anne says:

    I see the troubled youth of today and I worry about our tomorrows. I see it in my middle school students and my heart breaks. Very haunting indeed.

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