Showers of Love

Saturday evening was my daughter’s bridal shower. What a joyful occasion it was! My second sister planned everything, insisting I not lift a finger- I was mother of the bride, she said, and my only job was to enjoy. She got the decorations, planned the food (a friend of hers volunteered to help, though she doesn’t know my daughter- she loves my sister), coordinated the games with the maid of honor, arranged to rent the community room of my niece’s apartment complex, and gathered all the stuff and brought it there. My other sister contributed to the expenses and showed up to pitch in on the spot. And I just walked in and had a good time. It was a perfect evening for my daughter.

The tables were adorned with miniature Eiffel Towers and Hershey Kisses. A “Bride-to-Be” banner festooned the hearth where the presents were piled. The mothers of the couple and the bridesmaids had special pins to wear. All the guests got “diamonds,” but they could keep them only if they kept from saying “bride, shower, and wedding.” For one game everyone shared a memory of the bride, and the one who stumped her got the prize- it was the groom’s youngest sister. The cake was gorgeous- topped by the Eiffel Tower encircled by roses. Red velvet- elegant!


Our family, her future mother-in- law and sisters-in-law, my daughter’s college friends, and long-time friends from our church family all came together. Most of my daughter’s registry was fulfilled, along with some surprises. Everyone was so generous. I know it is something she will remember all her life. I will, too.

My mom would have loved every moment. Although she is no longer with us, she was there in some sweet moments. One niece brought a gift that was “not on the registry”- it hadn’t been on hers, either, several years ago when she got married- but it was the same gift Mom had given her with a note that she was sure it would be used often even though it wasn’t on her registry. (And as usual, she was right.) The last gift opened was a small sewing cabinet passed down from my mom and now to my daughter- the first piece of furniture of her own my mother had received as a young bride. It was newly stocked with some needles and thread- and a pair of scissors shaped like the Eiffel Tower!

There are perfect and happy moments in life when love fills our hearts to overflowing. This was one of those moments for me and my daughter. I will always cherish the beautiful gift of my sister’s love, and I will always remember all the love showered down on us by family and friends.

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4 Responses to Showers of Love

  1. elsie says:

    What a wonderful slice of life for you! Your sisters are amazing and so kind to let you enjoy the moments with no worries. What a special gift!

  2. arjeha says:

    What a wonderful day for all and such great memories. Your daughter is truly blessed with her family and friends. So nice that all you had to do was enjoy.

  3. Adrienne says:

    How nice to have such a beautiful event to take your mind off the troubles in the world. I don;t think 24-hour news access makes us any happier.

  4. Amy Warntz says:

    What a lovely post and a lovely shower. And, how nice of your sister! My favorite line from your post is this: “There are perfect and happy moments in life when love fills our hearts to overflowing.” Yes, we have them and you have captured this one beautifully!

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