Celebrating Putting Kids First

This week was a marathon of trying to complete the WIDA ACCESS test with my 3rd-6th grade ELLs. We are mostly finished, but with many absences and various other interruptions, we will take a couple more days next week to finish.

As we were getting started in one session, getting everyone settled at their computers, passing out test tickets, etc., I kept hearing hic, hic, hiccup. A glance around identified the third grader trying to keep her hiccups quiet. She went out to get a drink of water, but to no avail. She was looking frustrated and more than a little embarrassed.  I asked her if she wanted to go back to class and take the test later.

Her relief was so visible. With a nod, she quietly slipped out of the room. A tiny smile replaced the look of embarrassment.

I celebrate that even under pressure to get a task done, there’s still room to notice and meet the needs of children at school, even a little one like that. By the way, the test we were starting was the speaking test, where the kids speak into a microphone to record their answers. It’s agonizing for the shy kids (like this particular girl). Imagine how she felt, thinking about doing it with the hiccups.

I celebrate that teachers can make a difference.

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12 Responses to Celebrating Putting Kids First

  1. Ruth Ayres says:

    Thank you for writing this. I’m so glad we are not alone in this good fight.

  2. Alice Nine says:

    Diane, I celebrate you because you had compassion and “even under pressure to get a task done, …[you made] room to notice and meet the needs of children.”

  3. Having been a shy, anxious child, I can absolutely imagine that little one’s relief!

  4. It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic schedule of a school day especially when testing, but we definitely need to put our students first. At that age a speaking test would have terrified me even without the hiccups. It’s the small things like allowing a child to take a test at a later date that makes all the difference!

  5. jarhartz says:

    Grace and love under pressure is a true celebration. Keep it up!

  6. Ramona says:

    I’m sure that student celebrated when you found a way for her head back to class and take the test later. Love your attention to the students over the test, they are truly what matters.

  7. lindabaie says:

    AW, what a nice thing you did. Once in a while, I get the hiccups & if with other people, it is embarrassing. I’m also glad you could make the change.

  8. Terje says:

    i celebrate that you noticed and understood. It made a difference for this little girl.

  9. Teachers DO make a difference, and you have made a difference for your young students. Have a good week, Diane!

  10. cvarsalona says:

    Diane, this is the kind of caring that is needed in education. You put students first. Great!

  11. Leigh Anne says:

    We do make a difference! And each teacher who believes that is such a celebration!

  12. Tara Smith says:

    LOVED this line:I celebrate that even under pressure to get a task done, there’s still room to notice and meet the needs of children at school.
    Yes! I celebrate that, too.

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